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Background VIDEO has been disabled for DEV

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Downloads Manager final update

The Downloads Manager app within the Admin section is now complete and fully implemented! Moving on to my next task.. Keep posted!

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Me and sharpmonk have bought an Adobe license so we can get access to all their professional apps. Expect to see some nifty features being implemented in the near future!! ;)

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0.4 update released today

0.4 Updates
Live stream - page now has a chat layout and a test stream
forum - lots more cat and sub forums added
index - added matching bar at top of content, better alignment of everything.
GameServer Page - stats showing correctly now and soon to be themed

0.5 Updates
Much more info on Game Server page coming
Forums will be themed correctly.
About Us page coming soon.
Our youtube channel will be showen soon.
0.05 Due in by Sun night

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Downloads Manager update

The Downloads Manager page is nearly done. I've formatted everything using tables which displays the Catagory you click on. The next step is implement the Add/Edit/Delete options on the Catagories and delete option on the files. Then I'll create the downloadsManager servlet API which handles all the Add/Edit/Delete actions. More to come!

evo4ever , 08/07/2017 @ 12:11:45